Photography is one of the most striking elements in a business. This is especially true for small businesses, locally operating enterprises, and start-ups. The imagery of a business creates brand feelings (emotions conveyed to a viewer), which are necessary for nurturing reliance and, ultimately, the growth of your business. 

– Importance of (old) photographs in businesses. 

It doesn’t matter if you are engaged in services, manufacturing, or merchandising; every business is visually communicating with its potential customers through its images. There are a number of forms and styles in which your business images will appear on different platforms. From website to Instagram, and print ads to billboards – images of your business will be needed everywhere. 

Nothing can provoke conversation around your business-like through the use of old photographs. Your old business photographs are an asset, even if taken with most traditional equipment and in the simplest of ways. They tell the customers of who you are and your expertise. 

– Reasons for why one should rebrand with old photographs.

With old business photographs at hand, there is absolutely no need to spend time and money on finding and downloading stock images to use for marketing. You can easily create a positive vibe about your product or service by giving a sneak peek of how the business has transpired over time. 

By using old business photographs, you are bringing up emotions of a time gone by and showing that your business has a long and proud history. And with the younger generation, old photographs are seen as classy and encourage a conversation. 

The phrase “content is king” used in marketing takes its literal meanings with old photos from your own business. Instead of scrambling over stock photographs to find photo content to suit your product. Why not reuse what you already have at hand? Not to mention the cost you will save by not having to engage a professional photographer to get you the next stock of your business photographs. 

– Ways to rebrand old business photographs. 

Everyone of a certain age remembers when high-resolution photographs didn’t exist, but nothing is stopping you from being creative and playful with these photos. For instance, one can use mixed illustrations with them to show that your business is tech-savvy. There are a number of online options out there these days to assist with this process. 

Businesses use old photographs to create an aura, so that customer starts to associate with the business activities. An equal impression of the business can be created through a grandly framed old business photograph hanging at the right place in your office or store. 

Many options are available for restoration of damaged (stained, ripped) to delicate (very old, faded) photographs. There is a range of apps, software, and online services that can be used to improve the tone, color, vibrancy, and contrast of old photographs. 

Given the significance of old business photographs, it is always recommended to find a professional restoration service nearby and get the photos digitally enhanced and physically preserved. 

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Concrete Sealing Tips

Sealing concrete is one of the treatments you can give to protect your concrete and prevent moisture, dust, grease, etc. from entering it, which could lead to damage in the long run. It is something that you can do yourself if you have the time. Sealing can be done with a densifier sealer, penetrating sealer, or a combination of both that will give it a bare concrete appearance. You can also use acrylic sealers and its hybrid blends, which will give your concrete a glossy, shiny look and darkens it a little. Whichever sealer you have in mind to use, you must do things to ensure perfect sealing and protect your concrete. Here, we provide some tips for concrete sealing.

Read and Follow Directions On the Product:

Regardless of the sealer, you are using, the first thing you should do is read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them. The fact that you have used a sealer before should not make you think you are an expert on all sealer applications. If you are using one for the first time, ensure that you know what the producers say. If you can’t find it or are confused, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask questions.

Prepare The Concrete:

Much of the work is in the proper preparation of the concrete you’re applying the sealer to. Preparation means cleaning the surface, ensuring it is balanced, and any irregularity is corrected, using an acid etch solution, sanding the floor, etc. You should inquire from the manufacturer to determine the surface best for the sealer. Any surface you create should be able to absorb the sealer.

Use Quality Roller:

When buying a roller, you will need to apply the sealer, ensure you purchase quality lint-free rollers that can withstand the solvent in the sealer and not shed any lint. You can remove any loose lint in a new sealer by running it over duct tape. Lint-free rollers mean your floor is properly sealed with no lint in it. It is also essential to use the roller with the right thickness, so find out what the sealer needs to prevent heavy application.

Keep A Wet Edge:

To prevent lap lines or roller marks, ensure that there is always a damp edge and don’t let the roller run dry. Apply the sealer so that each part blends with the other and doesn’t use a roller on a part that has started curing as this will lead to blotchy marks.

Apply in Thin Layers:

When it comes to sealers, thin is better. You should apply it to the surface in thin coats. A thicker layer would create blisters, hazing, bubbles, and may develop a milky appearance when it dries up.

Use A Cone-Shaped Nozzle If You Are Spraying:

There are concrete sealers that can be applied through spraying. If you are doing this, use a conical nozzle that will ensure that the spraying is regular. A fan-shaped nozzle will spray irregularly and cause overlaps, leading to uneven applications.

Check The Temperature:

The average temperature for applying sealers is 50 – 80 degrees to ensure that the sealers cure appropriately. A lower or higher one will lead to improper curing. So ensure that the weather is right. If there is a chance of rain falling, it is probably better not to apply any sealer.


Following these tips will guide you in your application of sealers. The most important thing is that when you are not sure of anything in the application process, ask the manufacturer.

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Concrete Finishing Tips

When it comes to construction with concrete, one of the most critical stages of the whole process is the finishing. A smooth and proper finish of concrete ensures that it is more durable and comfortable for people to use. In this article, we’ll discuss the concrete finishing stage and how to make the best of it.

Tools Needed for Concrete Finishing

Whether you are finishing a small concrete slab or a large deck, there are certain instruments that you will need to do a great job. They include broom, edger, darby, groover, safety glasses, rubber gloves, magnesium float, steel trowel, and screed. 

Each of these tools performs essential functions in the finishing of concrete. For instance, the edger is for making the edges of the concrete round, the magnesium float functions to compact the concrete, smoothen the surface, etc. Thus, the first tip is to ensure you have all the tools you need. Improvising might get the job done, but that doesn’t mean it will do it well. So, make sure you have all the right tools to do your finishing well. 

Steps to Finishing the Concrete

Screed It Immediately: Once you are done pouring the concrete, get the screed board immediately. Screeding is all about moving the board systemically over the concrete so you can level it, fill up the low places, and remove the excess concrete. 

Darby The Concrete: The Darby performs a function similar to the screed. With it, you can flatten the surface, fill all the voids in the concrete, and remove all the lumps. By doing this, all the small holes within the concrete would be filled up, and all the large aggregate in the concrete will be pushed down while the fine sand and cement will rise to the top, thus, making the surface smooth.

Let The Surface Water Disappear: By the time you are done using screed and Darby for concrete, the water within it will come out. You will have to wait for all these murky waters to disappear as the concrete will absorb it before you go on with your finishing.

Edge and Groove the Concrete: The edging tool is needed to round up the edges and ensure that they are smooth. The groover is used to divide the concrete into grooves. While this gives it a nice-looking appearance, the real purpose is to prevent cracking. By groovin the concrete, the cracks normally form when concrete dries up, or soil moves will happen at the grooves where it’s not visible and less problematic.

Float and Trowel Concrete: floating compete for the concrete and clear out all marks left by the groover. Once this is done, the next thing is to smoothen it with a trowel when it is partially dry. Troweling alone is enough to give your concrete that nice smooth finish that you want. But if you’re going to make the concrete slip-resistant, you can use a broom for this. Sweeping the concrete with a broom is something that should be done when the concrete is almost dry. At this point, such a sweep will not bring out much concrete but barely leave the marks to need for traction on the floor.


When finishing the floor, it is essential to consider your safety, so wear safety gear. Another crucial thing is timing; the right finishing is all about the right timing, so do everything with proper timing.

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Unique Things You Can Do With Paint

Paints and painting have to be one of the fun things in life. Whether for leisure or work, it usually allows you to express yourself. Well, with this expression comes creativity and imagination. 

So, are you having a hard time finding new things to do? And you’re wondering about unique things you can do with paint? Well, let’s find out. 

Six unique things you can do with paints

Paint dried leaves: you’ll probably be surprised to find out you can do this. Well, you can, and that’s what makes this unique.

If you’re looking to paint, you can always color dried leaves in your house or home to reflect your home color. For instance, you could always use the color indigo. Not only does it fit well as a centerpiece, but it also gives more life to the leaves.

Carpeting: Usually, your carpets come with a predetermined color. However, that doesn’t have to remain the case. You can always change the color of your carpets. And this is especially useful when there are stains there.

So, what do you do? You can always repaint your carpets and provide a new pattern or design that covers up those stains. You get the stains off, but you also brighten up your room through the combination of modern and fresh colors. Great right?

Wooden spoons: you probably think this is weird. Well, it isn’t. Your kitchen is where loads of stuff goes on. And it’s never a bad idea to brighten things up. 

You can always paint your wooden spoons. You will be painting them all, although not the upper part. You can always paint the lower part.

Even more, you can use different colors for each spoon to give your kitchen a variety. However, ensure you use only paints with little or no VOCs.

Toys: you’ll probably find it unnecessary. However, if you’re one with children in your homes, this is a unique idea, and you can apply paints.

You can always paint their toys and give them a new look. The idea is that your children can come home and meet a new toy, although it’s still the same. Not only does it save you money, but it also rekindles your children’s fascination with their toys.

Curtains: although you might be surprised, painting your curtains is another unique thing you can apply your paints to. Although it looks like a lot of work, it’s possible with some patience. You can apply a variety of colors that light up your room and provide warmth to your room.

Sticks: while they are irrelevant on their own, you can turn sticks lying around into a work of art with paints. You’ll merely need to get yourself some irregularly shaped sticks. Afterward, you can paint them to your taste.

As always, the goal is to create a pattern that appeals to the senses when you’re done.

In conclusion 

Paintings should never be a one-way thing. There are various unique things that you can apply to your paint too.

In this article, we have shown you six unique ideas you can choose from. So, get to painting and try something new! Any painter Oahu has can also help you with any tips you may need!

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Best Colors of Paint for Different Rooms

Painting your room is one of the essential parts of remodeling or getting into a new house. You want your home to look beautiful and charming when you wake up or get back from work.

Typically, you’ll need to worry about the type of paint you use and even what design you get. However, one other important aspect of getting the best paint is the color of the paint. 

Color is quite essential when it comes to complementing that perfect look. They can convey different moods within our homes. They can also help set you up for a great day.

Well, the great thing is that various colors are perfect for different rooms. Meaning, you can easily match your room with these colors.  So, you can make the right choice, here’s what you need to know.

Nine Best Paint Colors For Your Rooms

Light Pink: Busy Spaces: 

According to research, the color pink comes off as serene and soothing. For instance, there are reports that detention centers use pink to keep inmates clean. As such, it’s an excellent choice for busy spaces. However, you can always mix it with pale yellow or mint for great effect. 

Bright Green: Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Generally, green works well in most rooms within a house. This is because green comes with a feeling of balance and nature. Even more, it comes with a calming force that allows you to feel extremely comfortable. As such, you can always use it in gender-neutral rooms for great effect.

Yellow: Kitchens

If your kitchen is one where you eat, then yellow is a great color option. You want to go for butter yellow. This is because the hue is renowned for boosting appetite and enhancing energy levels. It can also increase motivation and enthusiasm for the day.

Deep Blue: Bedrooms

Generally, reports show that blue walls spur protective feelings and tend to give off some sense of serenity. This allows it to be a perfect fit for every bedroom. Even more, when you go for a bold shade, you also get a balance that brings beauty and serenity.

Bold Red: Home Gyms

Research shows that red, especially the bold shade, makes a passionate and bold statement. Even more, it can energize a room. As such, it’s an excellent option for places where there’s a lot of physical performance.

So, if you’re looking to paint a gym, it would be best to choose bold red. It helps boost performance.

Warm White: Dining Rooms

There are various shades of white that you can choose from. However, when it comes to painting your dining room, warm white seems to be the best. It evokes quite an inviting and welcoming tone. This way, you can feel more comfortable in your room. 

Silver: Busy Entryways 

If you’re looking to paint a busy entryway, then, silvery-white represents a great option. Also regarded as an unemotional hue, it allows your entryway to feel reserved and subdued. It also illuminates your entryways. This way, as you walk in, you can feel more comfortable.

Lavender: Craft Rooms

If you need to paint your craft room, then you might want to try lilac out. It comes with a feeling of mystery that awakens creativity. It can help spark up your imagination and ensure you produce something beautiful. You can always mix it with gray for even better effects. 

Citrus Orange: Home Offices

Over the years, orange comes off as a color that invigorates the environment. Even more, it provides a warm impression of the room. As such, it fits in perfectly into core areas of your home. Even more, it is exceptionally motivational, which makes it fit for home offices.

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